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Delivered Learning Guides for 1980,000 children in Colombia

198,000 children in rural schools in Antioquia, Colombia, have received our Learning Guides in January 2013.

The Antioquia Education Office has supplied rural municipalities with Fundacion Escuela Nueva’s Learning Guides. This means that approximately 198,000 children in 4,000 schools will be using our guides in this Colombian region. It is a pleasure for us to announce that, after an evaluation process with teachers, the Antioquia Office of Education decided that the materials produced by FEN are the best option for the population.
The guides allow for self-paced learning and encourage a spirit of investigation and autonomy in the classroom. They promote learning to learn, learning to do, learning to communicate, and, most importantly, learning to coexist and work together. They have a comprehensive coverage of core subject areas (language, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences). In addition, the guides also cover areas such as technology along with ethics and values. Furthermore, these guides are supported by a set of virtual resources also designed by our team. It is our hope that our Learning Guides offer teachers and students in Antioquia the opportunity to improve results in education while un-locking 21st century skills.

We are sharing with you a note by Eduardo Andrés Arboleda Ospina, one of the teachers (in Spanish)

31 Teachers Trained on the Escuela Nueva Model

On August 13th through the 17th, 2012 FEN gave a first introductory workshop to the Escuela Nueva – Escuela Activa model in Cartagena del Chairá, Caquetá, Colombia. The Caquetá Region is characterized by low population density due to a combination of mountain ridges and the Amazon rainforest. The Escuela Nueva – Escuela Activa program is designed to respond to the educational needs of this type of population.
31 teachers assisted to this workshop. The summoned teachers could experience our educative model and learn from its general principles, components, strategies, methodology and its appropriate implementation to achieve a qualitative improvement of the rural education.
This workshop counted with the support and collaboration of the local authorities, namely the Major and the Secretary of Education. Moreover, we counted with the assistance of representatives of Colombia Responde national strategy. This program supports the Colombian government’s Plan Nacional de Consolidacion, partnering with multiple actors to establish a sustainable state of peace and security. Once again, FEN has allied with the public sector, impacting public policies on education. In this case, this alliance takes place within the Human Development framework of the Plan Nacional de Consolidación.

Peace Education through Escuela Nueva

Regrettably, there still exist high levels of violence in certian regions of Colombia and other countries, such as Mexico, where the Escuela Nueva model is being implemented. Due to this reality, the Fundacion Escuela Nueva considers it important to develop new approaches toward peace education. According to Matthias Rust on his article Redefining the Educational Form: Peace Education through Escuela Nueva, "It (Escuela Nueva) unlocks empathy and other social skills, promotes peaceful coexistence and an approach to positive peace through its inherent nature.(...) This conception permeates all different elements of Escuela Nueva and is the key to the development of peace-enhancing knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and behavior." Therefore, Fundación Escuela Nueva believes on the possibilities of our education model to promote Peace Education in schools and communities. This is why we want to work with communities subjected to war and violence, by providing our peacebuilding model, giving them the tools to change their harsh reality. We are currently working to find the communities interested to apply this Peace Education approach through the Escuela Nueva education model and the partners to support that implementation.

If you want to learn more about the peace building capacity of the Escuela Nueva model, follow this link:

If you want to learn more about Escuela Nueva, watch this short documentary made by the World Innovation Summit for Education:

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FEN News May-June 2012

FEN´s Director participated in the Forums Social Entrepreneurship in the New Economy, organized by Ashoka, Fundación Avina, Fundação Roberto Marinho and Skoll Foundation, as well as in the Eye on Earth Summit by UNEP (United Nation´s Environmental Program) from June 13th - 15th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These events develop alongside the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio +20. For the first Forum, Colbert is invited to take part in the "Education and Empathy in the Education System” panel, where she will share how the Escuela Nueva model develops and promotes empathy and peaceful coexistence. For the Eye on Earth summit, she is invited as a panelist in the Environmental Education session to share FEN´s vision and experiences promoting environmental awareness and education.

FEN hosted its first International Study Mission on Escuela Nueva of the year during the week of May 21st. Participants from Camfed Zambia and Zimbabwe, Claremont McKenna College in California, and Metrix Finances came together to introduce and familiarize participants with the Escuela Nueva approach for enhancing access, retention and the improvement of quality basic education. As part of the agenda, they visited schools in the Quindío Department and Medellín, to get a grasp of the Escuela Nueva model in action. Furthermore, they exchanged with Escuela Nueva teachers to understand the functioning of the microcenters, which are EN´s teachers learning circles that support follow up, collaboration and provide an opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices. See more:

The Director of FEN was invited to participate on the Transforming Education Summit held in Abu Dhabi from May 7th- 9th. The event brought together some of the world’s most accomplished government, business and third sector leaders and education experts to discuss transformational education reform. TES is organized in close partnership with the Directorate for Education of the OECD, with Booz & Company as knowledge partner, and the Advanced Technology and Investment Company (ATIC) as technology partner.

From June 4th through 9th, FEN Curriculum Development and Materials Production team members carried out a workshop in Lima with education specialists and some teachers from the Ministry of Education of Peru to familiarize attendees with the structure and function of learning guides in the Escuela Nueva model. This event, facilitated by the Peruvian office of the World Bank, is the second stage of a Peruvian government initiative to adapt and implement the Escuela Nueva model in the country with technical assistance from Fundacion Escuela Nueva.

Fundacion Escuela Nueva, supported by several Departmental Secretaries of Education, organizes and leads the Regional Forums "Quality Education for All" in five Colombian regions: Northern, Coffee Region, Northeast, Central, and South West.These forums contribute to achieving the goals of educational policy on improving the quality of basic education in these regions, by strengthening and structuring plans to improve its educational institutions, the municipality, and the department.In May, forums were conducted in Pereira, Risaralda and Bucaramanga, Santander, bringing more than 300 principals and staff from ministries of education in different municipalities and departments. Additionally, FEN has now moved the debate to the network, opening our Online Forum at . In the online space we share documents in which you can delve into the discussions generated during the regional forums. We encourage our virtual community to continue debate on the issues raised.

Latest News Fundacion Escuela Nueva - April 2012

Peruvian Education Ministry and the World Bank Convene Fundacion Escuela Nueva to Carry Out an Exploratory Mission to Successful Rural Education Programs in Peru

After having 15 high-ranking officials of the Peruvian Education and Financial Ministries participating in the 2011 international study mission on Escuela Nueva, Fundacion Escuela Nueva was summoned to do a survey mission of successful programs for rural education in Peru.
FEN team’s fieldwork analyzed several programs: Active Schools, AprenDes – SUMA, in the San Martin Region; the Improvement of Basic Education Program, PROMEB, in the Piura and Trujillo Region; and the Building Successful Schools program, in the Pasco Region. This mission was designed to identify the strengths and opportunities of such programs by means of comparative analysis with reference to the Escuela Nueva model in Colombia.
Additionally, a workshop was carried out in Lima with high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Education, led by the Vice-Minister of Pedagogic Management, to discuss remarks on factors for success, potential, and restrictions of experiences. Currently, FEN continues joining forces with the World Band in Peru to continue
contributing to the improvement of basic education in Peru.

FEN and the Quindio Government, Strengthening Rural Education Together

FEN Director, Vicky Colbert, and Curricular Development Coordinator, Heriberto Castro, visited the Quindio Department on February 20th to meet with the governor, Sandra Paola Hurtado Palacio with the goal of discussing an Agreement Framework for collaboration between the two institutions.
The agreement focuses on increasing rural education quality and seeks to join forces between the two institutions to spread and consolidate Escuela Activa Urbana at the primary level. The framework aims to develop projects to widen the scope of basic secondary education coverage, introducing Information and Communication Technology and accompanying instructors, as well as student’s learning, promoting mayoral meetings, educational authorities, teachers’ networks, organizing training events, providing learning guides for students, manuals for teachers, and managing cooperation between national and international institutions, among other activities.
While visiting Quindio, EFN Director also met with Education Secretary from Armenia, Álvaro Arias, and the president of Quindio’s public university, Otoniel Morales, and other public administrators from the departmental government.

FEN Participates in an International Workshop on Curricular Development

Between March 26th and 29th, a workshop on curricular development was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This workshop was organized by the Aflatoun Program, a member of Sosense, who invited FEN as a key partner. This event is held every five years to define general learning objectives and guiding framework for curricular development of the program in the various regions where it will be implemented. It seeks to offer kids 6 to 14 years old the basic tools for social and financial education with the goal of improving their lives. Moreover, it promotes rights of children, gender equality, participation, and environmental awareness. Representatives of countries such as Serbia, Pakistan, Togo, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Costa Rica and Egypt attended the workshop.

Fundacion Escuela Nueva at the 10th Annual Conference: Education Across the Americas, Hosted at the University of Columbia

The Latin American Student Association (ALAS) from Teachers College invited Fundacion Escuela Nueva to conduct a workshop at the 10th Annual Conference: Education Across the Americas, hosted by Teachers College, Columbia University in New York on March, 30th 2012.
The ALAS 10th Annual Conference delved into some of the most pressing contemporary topics, such as: quality improvement in education for rural communities and marginalized urban areas; inclusive curriculum development; training support to teachers and education administrators; guaranteeing universal access to new technologies. Tackling these issues is fundamental to continue strengthening democracy, stimulating economic development, and promoting social equity in the Americas. The workshop was led by Training Coordinator Mr. Pedro Pablo Ramirez Suarez.

FEN among the Top 100 Best NGOs

Fundación Escuela Nueva of Colombia is selected as one of the Top 100 Best NGOs worldwide, according to The Global Journal

Fundación Escuela Nueva was ranked 42nd among the top 100 best NGO’s worldwide, coming in third among the list of NGO’s working in the educational sector, after Pratham of India and Teach for America of the United States.

The selection was made by The Global Journal, a Swiss magazine that recognizes in this edition the important role of NGO´s as global agents of change that impact the lives of millions of people around the world. Fundación Escuela Nueva and its founder and director, Vicky Colbert, were distinguished for their efforts and perseverance of more than 25 years to impact public policy and improve the quality of education of marginalized populations through the Escuela Nueva pedagogical model and its adaptations for urban contexts, displaced populations and emergency situations.

The Global Journal highlighted the organization´s capacity to constantly innovate and adapt the Escuela Nueva pedagogy to new contexts, populations and countries, as well as its knowledge management and impetus to cross borders and grow its impact in Latin America and Asia. “The constant effort to innovate and adapt the Escuela Nueva pedagogy is essential to our mission, leveraging efforts of the public and private sectors in a true commitment to improve the quality of education,” claims Vicky Colbert.

With the selection of the Top 100 Best NGO´s, The Global Journal underscores the increasingly important work of these organizations, which are at the forefront of significant developments and innovations across different fields, from humanitarian aid to environment, public health to education and microfinance to intellectual property, among others.

This is the first ranking of its kind undertaken by the magazine, measuring and evaluating these NGO’s through indicators such as impact, innovation, effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, accountability and sustainability. “In this ranking there are only two organizations from Colombia, Gaia Amazonas and Fundación Escuela Nueva, and Brazil and Colombia are the only two countries of the Latin American region that are part of the list. This is a great honor that commits us even more to continue to work with passion, responsibility and transparency,” says Vicky Colbert.

Wikimedia Foundation from the US tops the list. Other organizations in this ranking are Partners in Health, PATH, Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Pratham and Teach for America.

See more:

A delegation from the Belize Ministry of Education, UNICEF Belize and a professor of Kyushu University of Japan visited Colombia for the Escuela Nueva International Study Mission organized and conducted by FEN, which took place in Bogotá, Armenia and Medellin from October 23-29, 2011.

The Study Mission gave them a sound understanding of the Escuela Nueva approach. Visits to Escuela Nueva schools and discussions with FEN staff, teachers and students provided the visitors with a unique opportunity to examine how the Escuela Nueva system improves the quality of education.

A great web documentary on Fundación Escuela Nueva by WISE

WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) has released a web documentary on Fundación Escuela Nueva. You can view it on the following links.

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